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 The Rules  

The name of this game is fun and the rules couldn't be simpler. Player one uploads an image and the working files. (done)


Player two, that's you, will take the working files and make it your own. Add, remove, resize; it doesn't matter so long as you incorporate some part of the original.


As the shared folder increases, you can also use elements from those as well. 

The purpose of this game is to be creative, to learn and to inspire! 


IKEA Ottawa, Canada

step 1:

Open the shared folder and download the working file. 

step 2:

Cut, copy, paste and rework that puppy. 

step 3:

Upload your working files to the shared folder. and add your thumbnail to the gallery below. 


Add your image to our gallery and don't forget to share on Yammer so that others can join.

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