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Examples of great customer service

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

Ottawa parking garage offers free windshield wash

In a downtown Ottawa parking garage you can find this simple bucket of washer fluid and a squeegee next to the payment kiosk. It's a simple thing that shows this autonomous garage still cares about me as a patron. It's also reminds me that there is a car washing service that will clean my car while I shop. Smart.


Shopping in Westboro (Ottawa) I noted this sign in the Kitchenalia store. It reads:

Please return

Not only is this a pleasant request for you to return to their shop; it's also their return policy.


When questioned they replied, "Yes, that is our policy. If you have an issue please return it. We'll work it out" — Refreshingly honest and fair.


I broke our mop. The ultimate spin mop by Home Hardware. The one we really like. So, my wife, Lisa did what she does best; research. She went online to find a replacement. From this research she learned that the new 2.0 version of the spin mop was not as good as the original — the one I broke. Did I mention I'm in the dog house?

Lis went into our local Morrison Home Hardware and asked if they had the original mop in storage. Here is where it gets amazing. They didn't have the full set but they did have a replacement stem that was sitting in the backroom for ages. Not only did they have the replacement part but they gave it to her for FREE! Free people!

It wasn't part of their 'sellable' stock and it was just lying around so they gave it to us. I replaced the broken part and now I'm sleeping in a real bed again! Thank you Morrison Home Hardware. This small act of kindness is why we keep coming back.


Do you have an amazing service story to tell. Leave a note in the comments.

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